Swela Classics

Swela Classics

Swela: Sunvas Classics

A modern sun shade made from a high-tech polyester weave, featuring the best recovering properties, extremely fade-resistant colours, weatherproof, water-resistant and UV-resistant properties, sunvas SNC occupies a prime position in swela's high-tech collection of awning fabrics. Width 120cm. 

Strip widths:
The stripe width of the Sunvas Classics is 10 cm per color. The stripes of the 3 colors Sunvas are extra wide with 15 cm per color.


Soft, fluffy texture The new sun-protection fabric boasts the soft canvas texture associated with classic acrylic fabrics. The light and fluffy surface gives the awning its traditional textile character, whilst Sunvas SNC can be custom-dyed according to customer wishes, allowing a wide range of colours and customised patterns to be used.


  • Radiant luminosity,
  • Bright colours,
  • Highly fade-resistant,
  • Maximum UV protection (UPF 50+),
  • Hard-wearing against dirt ,
  • Permanently water-resistant,
  • Soft, fluffy texture,
  • Extremely tear-resistant,
  • Shape-retentive - good abrasion resistance,
  • Easy to cut to size.