Decorative nails

Decorative nails

Decorative upholstery nails & nail head trim

Furniture nails for an easy and beautiful finish of your furniture.

The decorative nails are available in various colours & sizes. The head diameter is referred as measure. Size + sales units are listed below the photos.
The decorative nails are for sale in very beneficial full boxes. However, this is often too much and thats why you can also order bags with smaller units. Decorative nail trim are sold per meter.

We have arranged the nails by color or model. When you open a category, you see the available sizes and units.


Upholstery nails are available in many colors and sizes. You will find bronze renaissance; brown nails with a golden eye. These are mostly used on antique furniture. Also brass and nickel nails are used much, just as oldgold speckled. Oldgold speckled nails are available in 4 variations in light, normal (standard) dark and reddish. In addition to the above-mentioned colors, we also offer other colors so that always a suitable color is to be found