Industrial needle

Industrial needle

Industrial sewing machine needles.

Industrial needles from the German manufacturer Groz-Beckert, one of the top brands in this field in the world.

As soon as you open a type you will enter the product page and you will find a selection menu for the different thicknesses. The thicknesses are available per 10 pieces & per advantage pack of 100 pieces.

R for fabric
LR for leather & artificial leather

Needle thickness indication - yarn thickness:
Thickness 70, yarn thickness 80
Thickness 80, yarn thickness 60
Thickness 90, yarn thickness 40
Thickness 100, yarn thickness 30-40
Thickness 110, yarn thickness 30
Thickness 120 & 130, yarn thickness 20-30
Thickness 130-160, yarn thickness 20
Thickness 140-160, yarn thickness 15-20
Thickness 150-170, yarn thickness 15
Thickness 160-200, yarn thickness 10

On request we can also supply Type 134R, 134LR, 438KK, 1738A per 100 pieces. Delivery time approx. 1 week.



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