Serabraid braided sewing thread

Serabraid, braided polyester continuous filament sewing thread. For decorative stitching in e.g. bags, shoes, leather upholstery.

T60 standard thread for Industry machines,
T90 waxed for hand sewing.

Available in 4 thicknesses:
 800 thread thickness 0.84mm, needle size 170-190
1000 thread thickness 1.06mm, needle size 190-210
1200 thread thickness 1.17mm, needle size 220-240
1400 thread thickness 1.48mm, needle size 240-250

A few thicknesses are only available in 800 & 1400 in a limited number of colors. The thickness is indicated below the photo. The available colors are displayed on the color chart with a dot to the relevant colors.

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Delivery time around 1 week within the Netherlands. Within the EU 1-2 weeks.
Outside the EU 2-3 weeks. (please order by mail)