Serafil 15, 450 meter

Serafil 15, 450 meter

Serafil 15.

Ordering is by means of the colors a menu. We have a selection of colors from the color chart created for the coils each. (Many colors are very close to each other, we do not take all the colors in stock) if you order per box (one color per box), you can choose yarn from all 148 colors. (Serafil 15 colors have a black dot in the color on the color chart) and you will receive one free spool, you will receive 5 and pay 4 spools.

Colors in stock:
Black (4000) and white (2000) are in stock and other colors are only available to order. Delivery time is approximately 4-10 working days.

Best fit:

If you order this item, we choose the most suitable color for your ordered fabric.
Most agents, however, have a delivery time of about 5 working days and arrive almost simultaneously within the yarn. Everything goes as far as possible in one package.