Serafil WR

Serafil WR

serafil, water repellent sewing thread.

100% Polyester Multifilament sewing thread. Ideally suited for sewing outdoor cushions, awning fabrics etc. Available in thickness 20 and 40 in 148 colors. The available colors are marked on the map with a dot.

Thickness 20 is used for decorative stitching, and where the seams require a thick wire. Thickness 40 is a standard thickness for pillows the like.

The yarn can be ordered per piece or per discount box of 5 pieces. In a box you pay for 4 and you get 5 cones.

If you want a color to match your ordered substance? Then choose the item Best Fit us find the right color. You can also send us a piece of fabric or paper by post so that we can find the color there. If you please attach name and address.

For seams with high UV radiation can consider Tenara yarn. (With seams on the outside).

For your information:
All colors in the WR quality are slowly replaced by a spool that is green and the decal looks slightly different. The production of this yarn is more environmentally friendly. Of course, the qualities are the same and this yarn is also water-repellent. You can use this yarn together with the current quality. That's no problem.
The colors as indicated on the Serafil color chart remain unchanged.