Tenara, UV-resistant

Tenara, UV-resistant

Tenara, UV-resistant sewing thread.

GORE ™ Tenara® has developed a UV-resistant sewing thread, which remains well guaranteed 15 years. For sewing fabrics such as awnings, boat covers.
Cotton sewing thread may already weathered in three years, Polyester yarn is slightly better, but has also already lost 80% of its power.

Spool 1700 meter 1400 denier. thread size approx 35/40. Needle size 100-120.

Spool 2100 meter 1000 denier. thread size approx 50/60. Needle size 90-110. Only available in transparent.

N.B. Guarantee applies only if at top and bottom Tenara thread is used.

Note: This sewing thread is suitable for industrial machines that can sew heavy material.