Divisible tooth zipper 10mm

Divisible tooth zipper 10mm

YKK, divisible zipper with plastic teeth 10mm

YKK, water resistant divisible zipper with 10mm extra wide plastic teeth, sea water resistant. The zippers are water resistant, not waterproof.

The zippers are available in white & black in various lengths from 1 meter to 20 meters.

Self shorten:
Order a longer zipper than necessary. Cut the zip at the top to the wished measure. Then fix the cut parts with a strip or artificial leather so that the slider can not slip out. See example 2 below. (Of course you have to fix both parts separately)

Customized length? Cost € 4.50  (Not required)
*Order a longer zipper than necessary.
*Note the desired length in the field under Custom made. The surcharge is calculated automatically.

Custom made:
A clip will be mounted in front of the last tooth.
Some teeth will be removed at the end of the zipper to maintain a strip of fabric.
Result: The left and right parts are a bit (1 tooth) of each other staggered, see picture below.