Antilope - Sofelto FR

Antilope - Sofelto FR

Leatherette Antilope - Sofelto FR

A delicate skin structure that adepts an African antelope’s fur. The color accentuation of the grain valleys coupled with slightly shining tops create a sophisticated iridescent effect. Its stunning visual appeal opens up new design possibilities when using this new product.

Flame retardant, long-lasting, lightfast, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, easy to clean.

Application / Processing
Suitable for many kinds of upholsteries and coverings in the upholstery industry. Especially suitable in the modern and exclusive residential area, in public buildings and institutions.

Problem-free processing in the usual procedures (sewing, tacking, sticking, nailing). Do not use solvent-based adhesives!

Other instructions
Cleaning: For durable joy with your skai® material, please clean regularly. Pollution by oil, fat and ink must be removed immediately Clean with warm, mild soap lye and a micro-fibre cloth or a soft hand brush. Please, do not use solvents, chloride, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or wax polishes. Please note that colourings by jeans or other textiles are excluded from any manufacturer’s guarantee.